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Scooter Loading Wheelchair Ramps

Scooter loading wheelchair
Scooter Ramp | Scooter Loading Wheelchair
Scooter Ramp | Scooter Loading Wheelchair Ramp
Scooter Ramp | Vehicle Access Ramp

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Ref: PCR

An ultra lightweight Wheelchair ramp, the ideal solution for loading scooters and electric wheelchairs into vehicles. Comprising two sections which fit together lengthwise, each ramp is hinged across its mid-section and can be folded to half its length and carried like a suitcase when not in use. The Scooter ramps are easy to position, handle and transport . The Scooter Ramp takes away the need to lift or dismantle heavy wheelchairs or scooters. Perfect for both 3 and 4-wheeled machines, giving a safe passage for both the machine and user.
They have a unique slip-resistant surface and a quality paint finish. Available in standard lengths between 1680mm to 2135mm. Alternatively, we can manufacture to your specific requirements.

Technical Data Enquiry FormProduct Brochure
Model Length Width Weight SWL
66 PCR 1680 mm 380 mm 5.4 kgs 100 kgs
72 PCR 1830 mm 380 mm 6.2 kgs 100 kgs
84 PCR 2135 mm 380 mm 7.0 kgs 100 kgs

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