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Portable Wheelchair Ramp for Home

Portable house wheelchair
Wheelchair Ramp for Home in Use
Wheelchair Ramp for Home in Use with Assistant
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Ref: PHR

A lightweight, ultra strong ramp, the ideal solution to provide access to buildings for either residential or commercial applications. The Portable House Wheelchair Ramp is easy to position, handle and transport. It has a unique slip-resistant surface and a quality paint finish. The ideal temporary solution to provide access when and where you need it. Perfect for wheelchairs and scooters, giving a safe passage for both users and carers. Available in standard lengths between 500mm to 2500mm. Alternatively, we can manufacture to your specific requirements.

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Technical Data Enquiry FormProduct Brochure
Model Length Width Weight SWL
24 PHR 610 mm 760 mm 3.5 kgs 300 kgs
36 PHR 915 mm 760 mm 6 kgs 300 kgs
46 PHR 1170 mm 760 mm 8 kgs 300 kgs
54 PHR 1370 mm 760 mm 9.1 kgs 300 kgs
60 PHR 1525 mm 760 mm 10 kgs 300 kgs
66 PHR 1680 mm 760 mm 11 kgs 300 kgs
72 PHR 1830 mm 760 mm 12.5 kgs 300 kgs
78 PHR 1980 mm 760 mm 14.5 kgs 300 kgs
84 PHR 2135 mm 760 mm 15.2 kgs 300 kgs
102 PHR 2590 mm 760 mm 19.0 kgs 300 kgs

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