PitProtect Ontrack

Train Inspection Pit Cover & Frame

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A compact fall prevention platform, featuring our Pit Protect and Ontrack frame, crafted to rest on the rails, enabling trains to pass directly overhead.


Prioritise Workers Safety

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The Pit Protect Ontrack

Our PitProtect Ontrack offers a lightweight, concertina-style inspection pit cover meticulously designed to enhance workplace safety. Engineered for durability, adaptability, and swift deployment, this cover provides a robust solution for securing open pits, reducing fall risks while allowing easy access to the train's undercarriage for maintenance.

Crafted from aluminium, the system boasts full adjustability in both length and width, ensuring a precise fit for pits of varying sizes. Each bar can be adjusted individually, ensuring a seamless fit even over uneven pits, thereby ensuring comprehensive protection.

By combining the standard Pit Protect with the Ontrack frame, provided in convenient 2-meter sections, this solution seamlessly integrates with existing rail infrastructure, allowing train wheels to pass through smoothly without obstruction.

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Product Specifications

PitProtect Ontrack

- Ontrack: Fixed Size 2.074m x 1.318m Weight 10kgs
- Weight: 10kg
-  Pit Protect: Open Size 2.074m x 1.318m Weight 22kgs
- Weight: 22kg
- Closed Size 0.45m x 1.318m

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