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Inspection Pit Protection: A Comprehensive Guide To Inspection Safety

Inspection pits are essential for safety at work, ensuring that inspection and maintenance jobs below ground level can be carried out with minimal risk of personal injury to personnel. However, to ensure a safe working environment, adequate inspection pit protection must be implemented across multi Industries and sectors, including the Rail Industry featured in this […]
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train operating companies must arrange assistance, accessible trains and an accessible toilet

Accessible Trains Across Europe: Introducing Portaramp, the UK's Leader in Rail Accessibility Solutions

As Rail Travel Plays a Vital Role in the Lives of Millions Across Europe, Ensuring Accessible Trains for all Passengers Remains a Top Priority.
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Inspection Pit Protection

Injury Prevention with Inspection Pit Safety

Inspection pit safety is an important aspect of injury prevention in the maintenance workplace. As outlined by Construction Products Legislation and CE marking guidelines, and as part of the HSE's guidance for Working Safely Under Motor Vehicles Being Repaired, employers must provide a safe working environment for their employees, and this includes protection from hazards […]
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Modular Access Ramps vs. Portable Ramps: Which Access Ramp Do I Need?

For those with limited mobility, access ramps are a necessity. But when it comes to choosing between modular access ramps and portable ramps, the decision can be overwhelming. For those with limited mobility, access ramps are a necessity. But when it comes to choosing between modular access ramps and portable ramps, the decision can be […]
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An Accessible Entrance Or Entrance Door May Require Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Building Access Ramps: A Complete Guide

Providing the right building access ramp is necessary to provide safe access without having to make drastic alterations to your building structure and to comply with disability access regulations. Building access ramps can make you more accessible to everyone, whether they use crutches, walkers, a wheelchair, or are simply elderly and find steps challenging to […]
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Wheelchair Ramps Must Adhere To Uk Building Regulations

Disability Vehicle Access: Access Ramps & Inclusion

Disability Vehicle Access has come a long way in recent decades, with significant improvements in accessibility across various modes of transportation. One vital aspect of this progress is the role of access ramps in promoting inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Access ramps have revolutionised Disability Vehicle Access by providing greater independence and autonomy to people […]
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• The Pit Protect Ontrack Pit Protection Cover Is Fully Adjustable To Cover The Whole Pit

Railway Pit Protection: 5 Ways to Fast Track Compliance

Are you a contractor, engineer or business owner who works in the railway industry? If so, then you will likely understand the importance of choosing the right pit protection to keep you and your colleagues safe from injury. In the UK alone, a staggering 29 construction worker fatalities occurred in 2021/22, caused by falls from […]
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Kee Access Ramp

What Are DDA Compliant Ramps? Everything you need to know

Creating an accessible and safe environment for people with disabilities is essential, not only to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) but also to ensure that everyone can move around freely. DDA Compliant ramps are a great way of making sure your building or premises meets the requirements in terms of access for disabled people.
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Customer using bridging device

Proudly Supporting Step Free Access With TFL

TfL has said that the consultation results will help it focus on the stations which will make the biggest difference to passengers. Some feedback included the types of stations customers would like TfL to make step-free and broader accessibility improvements such as toilet provision and accessible signage. With the help of this clever design, passengers can […]
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