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London Hosts the World Para Athletics Championship.

27th June 2017

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The World Para Athletics Championship is to be held in The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, between the 14th and 23rd of July, this summer. This is a great opportunity to see the world's greatest Paralympic athletes in action, right on your doorstep.

Tickets are great value for money with even the most popular athletic event tickets under £20, with children's tickets (16 years and under) just £5. This means that a family of four can enjoy a day out, cheering on some of the world's greatest athletes for just £30.

The Championship will feature 3,000 world class athletes, from more than 200 countries, so there's a wide variety of events to choose from, meaning that there will be something to please everyone, including track and field events, marathons and combined events, such as the pentathlon.

If you or a member of your family have a disability, then this could be an inspirational experience for you to witness, as it demonstrates that there is no limit to the human ability and may challenge you to push yourself, and even if you don't, this could be eye opening and allow for you to gain a new perspective on the capabilities of the physically impaired.

Not to mention the fact that nothing quite beats a British home crowd cheering on their own! The atmosphere will be unforgettable and you'll get to see athletic stars such as David Weir, Richard Whitehead and Libby Clegg in action, possibly for the last time; as well as witnessing the birth of new rising Olympic talents who are ready to make a name for themselves.

Don't miss out on the incredible opportunity to witness these athletes achieve super human feats. For more information or click here: https://www.paralympic.org/athletics/about or to get your tickets now visit: https://tickets.london2017athletics.com/

If you've already got tickets to one of the World Para Athletics Championship events and you're planning a trip to London, why not look up our Travel Wheelchair Ramp https://www.portaramp.co.uk/travel-wheelchair-ramp... to help you navigate the busy London streets with ease, as we know that navigating a busy city in your chair can be tough! This will ensure that wheelchair users won't have the worry of being limited to wheelchair friendly routes, which could cut travelling time in half and make your life much easier!

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