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Disabled people continue to experience difficulties on Britain's railways

3rd September 2019

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There has been a lot of coverage in the press recently about the difficulty some people experience using ramps to board/alight from trains.

In an ideal world, each platform would be the same height, and each carriage be a standard design so we could develop a "one size fits all" style of ramp, but unfortunately this is not the case.

At Portaramp we take great care in the design and production of our ramps and work closely with the Train Operating Companies and Stakeholders to ensure the ramps are suitable for their stations.

Annual inspection

Once a ramp is supplied to a station or train, it needs to be maintained to ensure it performs as it should. No matter how durable the design of the ramp, wear and tear from regular use is bound to take its toll, or a ramp can become damaged through incorrect use.

As with any form of equipment the ramp should be inspected before use, but should also undergo an annual inspection to check that the ramp is still fit for purpose.

We offer both an annual maintenance and recertification packages, which will not only prolong the life of the ramp but ensure that all our customers are safe

The Equality Act enshrines the right of everyone to go about their everyday lives safely and without discrimination, and at Portaramp, it’s our most important goal.

For more information on any of our ramps or services, call us on 01953 681799 or use our live chat function.

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