Bus Trio Wheelchair Ramp

VOSA-approved wheelchair ramp for buses.

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The Portaramp Bus Trio Ramp is a powerful, VOSA-approved aftermarket folding ramp solution for buses.

The Bus Trio Ramp was created in conjunction with the bus transport sector as an access solution to buses for wheelchairs and scooters, removing the need for vehicles to undergo costly and time-consuming conversion while ensuring full compliance.
Bus Trio Deployed

Aftermarket solution, no conversion needed

Public transport buses in the UK are legally required to provide safe access for all, including those in wheelchairs and scooter users. However, some older buses may not yet be compliant. The Bus Trio Ramp is a perfect, non-motorised solution that can be issued to vehicles for safe access in an instant.

The Bus Trio Ramp does not require vehicle conversion, meaning the bus doesn’t need to be taken out of service, and there are no further costs beyond the cost of the ramp itself.

Folding design, easy storage

Bus Trio Stowed

Bus Trio Wheelchair Ramp

Key Features & Benefits

VOSA-approved & Fully Compliant

Single-operator Deployment

Durable, No Maintenance

No Vehicle Conversion Needed

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Bus Trio Wheelchair Ramp in use

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